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Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman is a global brand leader, former NIKE Chief Marketing Officer, and founder and principal of the brand advisory group Modern Arena.

For over 27 years, Greg held marketing, design, and innovation leadership roles at NIKE, including time as the brand’s CMO. In his most recent role as NIKE’s Vice President of Global Brand Innovation, he led teams tasked with envisioning the future of storytelling and consumer experiences for the brand.


Alan McKinnon

Professor McKinnon has undertaken research on a broad spectrum of logistics topics. Some of his work has focused on the logistical strategies of retailers and development of new distribution systems to support online retailing. He has also investigated the growth of freight transport, capacity utilization in the freight sector, road tolling systems for freight vehicles and the case for increasing truck size and weight limits.

Alan McKinnon is Professor of Logistics in the Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg. He was Founder and Director of the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh until January 2012 and is now a professor emeritus of this university.

Veera Bianka1

Veera Bianca

Veera Bianca is a social media wizard with over a decade of experience working both as a social media influencer and a consultant for brands.
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Suvi Markko

Suvi Markko is the CEO Dermoshop Oy, a Finnish e-commerce company founded in 1983. The company develops, produces and sells skin and hair care products, make¬up and food supplements under the brand Dermosil. Suvi is a believer in collaboration. In her keynote speech she will share her views on how retailers can cooperate for the benefit of Finnish ecommerce industry.

Andre Noel Chaker

André Noël Chaker

André Noël Chaker is the host of the event. He is a speaker, a writer, a performer, an entrepreneur and a business executive all rolled into one person. For the past five years André has spoken at over 500 business events in Finland and abroad.


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The Future of Logistics

Key Supply Chain Management Challenges, Key Future Trends, Best Practices on Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Logistical Strategies of Retailers, Development of New Distribution Systems to Support Online Retailing.

Alan McKinnon | Professor of Logistics in the Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg


Discussion with Keynote speaker




Social Media trends in Finland 2022

Veera Bianca | Social Media Influencer & Content Marketing Specialist


Customer Case

Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.

Thoughts on the Finnish eCom community, sales and sustainability

Suvi Markko | CEO, Dermoshop Oy




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Grand eCom survey 2022 results


Panel discussion



Emotion by Design – Building Stronger Connections with Consumers:

Lessons from a Life at Nike: Building a Strong Emotional Attachment between Products and People, Developing Digital and Physical Brand & Customer Experiences, Shaping and Expressing Brand Voice and Identity through Storytelling

Greg Hoffman | Former NIKE Chief Marketing Officer


Discussion with the keynote speaker


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